Hairpiece and Wig Adjustment in the Laval Region

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Ready-to-wear accessories - an alternative to wigs

We have a wide variety of very light and comfortable bamboo fiber hats as well as some heavier hats for the winter. Our ready-to-wear caps have integrated hair in various colors for all events and activities. In addition, our hats and caps will allow you to be protected from the sun while feeling beautiful and comfortable in your skin.

Discover Our Revitalization Centre

Centre Capillaire France Godard has a workshop directly on site to offer you the essential services you need after buying your hairpiece or wig. Adjustments made to your hairpiece or wig in the Laval area help ensure that it is undetectable, properly maintained and preserved. Plus, these personalized services are available no matter where you bought your wig.

Adjustments, Cut and Styling

Ready-to-wear hairpieces and wigs look more natural when they are properly adjusted to the shape of your head. The hairpiece must fit perfectly to your head without being too tight or too loose. Too tight a fit can cause headaches and skin irritation. If the wig is too loose, it may slide around.

A perfectly fitted hairpiece should leave enough space at the back for fingertips. You may need to make some corrections to the Velcro tabs or hooks so that the hairpiece fits better. One of our specialists may need to adapt the inner cap to the shape of your skull by letting the seams out or taking them in. Small wisps can be added around the forehead and temples to accentuate your natural look.

Home Maintenance

Like human hair, synthetic and natural hairpieces (wigs) must be maintained and washed to ensure hygienic quality. Odors tend to remain impregnated in the cap of the hairpiece, hence the importance of regular washing.


We recommend washing your wig after wearing it for about 30 hours. If your hairpiece is made of human hair, you should wash it about once a week.

Combing Out

Always make sure there are no knots before washing your hairpiece. Lay it out flat and comb through it gently. Avoid pulling on the fibres, as they may lose their elasticity and break. For long hair wigs, separate the hair into sections for easier combing.


Use only shampoos, conditioners and sprays specifically designed for hairpieces.

Washing (Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs)

Soak your synthetic wig for 15 minutes in warm water mixed with synthetic hair shampoo. Then, rinse with cold water, gently wipe it in a towel and shake gently to remove excess water. Next, spray a synthetic hair conditioner on the hairpiece and let it dry on a suitable wig stand.

Never put a hairpiece on a styrofoam head, it would stretch the cap. Also, styrofoam heads contain compounds that will make your wig smell bad. Never comb a hairpiece when wet!

For human hair wigs, use a highly-moisturizing shampoo. Never let the hairpiece soak in shampoo. Use a quality hydrating shampoo and let it stand for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


With the proper care, synthetic fibre hairpieces retain their hairstyle, even after washing. When the hairpiece is dry, shake it out and it will resume its natural style. Style it with your fingers or with a comb. Try to give it volume by ruffling it. Never use a curling iron, hair dryer or heated rollers on a synthetic fibre wig.

You can also apply a specially formulated spray to restore shine to your hairpiece. Human hair wigs can be styled with a curling iron or heated rollers, but be careful not to touch the inner cap with the hot iron.

Come See Our Specialists

It is also advisable to have your hairpiece revitalized by one of our professionals once every two months or when you deem it necessary. Revitalization is done on site in our workshop! Contact us for revitalizing or adjusting hairpieces and wigs!

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