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More than 3000 Hairpieces and Toppers in Stock

In one of the largest showrooms in Quebec, you'll find a huge selection of wigs and hairpieces in all sizes, including several exclusive models. Take advantage of our 40 years of experience!

Wigs, Hairpieces and More in the Montreal Area

Centre Capillaire France Godard is your answer to hair loss! Whether you're struggling with scalp issues or looking for a new, natural-looking hairpiece in the Montreal area or on the North Shore, our hair experts are here to help.

Get a Free Consultation with an Expert in a Private Booth

Rest assured that our meeting is entirely confidential and takes place in a private booth. You will meet our caring, professional specialists whose mission is help you find the best solution to your problem. A guided tour of the Centre will give you complete peace of mind!

Hair Health Specialists

Our team uses the latest technologies to offer you long-lasting solutions to hair loss. Whether it's a hairpiece that looks so natural no one will ever see it, or a laser treatment that helps stimulate growth, we have the solution for you.

Hair Loss Prevention

Having healthy hair requires your daily attention! With proper care and a preventive screening test, you could slow down or even stop your hair loss. We rely on quality prevention products to help you do everything you can to keep your hair healthy!

Recycle your hairpiece

Recycle Your Hairpiece

If you decide to get a new hairpiece, we can recycle the old one and donate it to someone with hair loss, such as a hospital patient. It's a wonderful gesture that can make a real difference!

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