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PRP Hair Loss Treatments in the Montreal and Laval Region

Be sure to get results that meet your expectations.

PRP Treatments:
Advanced Technology Available at Centre Capillaire France Godard in Laval

Hair loss treatments have really changed in the last few years! In Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas, if you suffer from hair loss or thinning, you can now take advantage of PRP treatments at Centre Capillaire France Godard. This regenerative treatment aims to stimulate the growth system mechanisms of hair follicles

PRP treatment for hair loss is available at Centre Capillaire France Godard in Laval! Contact us for more information!

What Is PRP and What Does It Do?

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is plasma extracted from blood and is rich in platelets.

  • Autologous platelet rich plasma is a natural therapy, prepared with your own cells.

  • Today, we can separate platelets from red and white blood cells using a centrifuge. These platelets, or cells without nuclei, are growth factor reservoirs that promote the production of collagen and elastin.

  • Injected into tissues through an injection gun, PRP promotes healing and tissue rejuvenation, stimulating the natural mechanisms of skin regeneration. It is also used in medicine for the treatment of osteoarthritis and tendinitis.


A Proven Technique

Already used to treat several medical issues such as arthritis, PRP treatment is also used successfully in aesthetic procedures such as facial rejuvenation. Now, PRP is also used as a treatment against partial hair loss!

PRP treatment
PRP treatment

The Advantages of PRP at Centre Capillaire France Godard in Laval

  • Localized and non-surgical approach

  • Only a small quantity of blood is drawn

  • Fast, active results

  • Directly targets areas to regenerate

  • The multiplication of platelets promotes regrowth

Platelet-rich plasma
- Results

Plasma rich plasma - Results

Platelet-rich plasma
- Results


Come Meet Our Team

Our professionals will know how to evaluate your needs and guide you with a personalized program that will meet your expectations! PRP treatment is a medical procedure, and to ensure proper functioning, it must be supervised by health professionals.


Make an appointment At France Godard Hair Center near Laval for your first PRP treatment session.

 The procedure

Platelet-rich plasma
- The tools

The tools

Platelet-rich plasma
- Results

Plasma rich plasma - Results

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