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Laser Hair Rejuvenation in the Laval Region

Is your hair thinning? Combined with our customized care, this daily 6-minute solution will convince you. Rechargeable and easy to use.

Laser Treatment

Now accessible to everyone, this bio-stimulation solution is highly effective and efficient. It increases blood circulation at the base from hair follicles, thus contributing to increase growth factor promoting new regrowth. In addition, it densifies your existing hair capital and strengthens the shaft giving body to your lost hair over time.

So it stabilizes the loss regenerates and increases your hair.

After a first free online consultation, our team at Centre Capillaire France Godard will develop a personalized plan with you to help you quickly find a good hair density.

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Capillus at 82, 202 or 272 Diodes: Practical, Effective and Safe

This low level laser therapy (LLLT) is based on scientifically proven technology. Combined with a simple and personalized hair loss prevention program, it is completely safe and reverses the process of hair loss while helping the hair to become thicker. Wear the Capillus laser cap wherever you go! Its success rate is 95% after 17 weeks.

laser treatment,

A Practical Solution for Hair Rejuvenation

Get simple and effective treatment wherever you go! The Capillus cap regenerates the cells of hair follicles and counteracts thinning, resulting in hair rejuvenation and revitalized regrowth. Capillus, suitable for both men and women, has a discreet design that adapts to your style! The cap is rechargeable, and you need to wear it only 6 minutes a day to get results.

hair rejuvenation

Professional Quality

Available in three models with 82, 202 or 272 diodes, Capillus allows you to obtain results that meet your requirements. The cap adapts to different head shapes to offer everyone optimal comfort. It is also safe, unlike some pharmaceuticals prescribed by the medical industry for comparable results.

Get all the information you need by consulting the professionals at Centre Capillaire France Godard. For best results, get our full laser therapy kit!



The Hair Loss Process

Hormone-type hair loss is caused by DHT in men and hormonal imbalance in women. In these two cases, the blood flow to the follicles is decreased, which causes them to atrophy: the hair follicles then start to produce finer hair. If your follicles are affected by hormones, then iGrow can help you.

The iGrow Solution

The iGrow low level laser stimulates the cells of the hair follicles. This is no superficial revitalization: the laser works on the very heart of the follicles. By absorbing the light of the low level laser, the cells become more active through a process called biostimulation. It's like giving vitamins to your cells to improve their metabolism. The cells begin to repair and revitalize themselves.

High Quality Lasers and LED Lights

Some devices use either lasers or LEDs, but the iGrow combines both. The result? A low level laser/LED treatment that is really effective. Lasers produce wavelengths between 655 and 670 nanometers that increase cell activity within the follicles. LED lights, with their greater light energy, are used to cover the entire scalp. Efficient and safe, this combination of therapeutic red lights helps regenerate hair follicles.

iGrow Is Suitable for All Lifestyles

You can use your iGrow whenever you want. Use it at home, at the office, or any other place where you would like to listen to music. The sessions are simple and completely automated. Use your iGrow two to three times a week for 20 to 25 minutes. You will not even know the lasers are active until you notice that your hair is thicker and fuller!

Get all the information you need by consulting the professionals at Centre Capillaire France Godard. Using the iGrow two to three times a week at home, you may notice an improvement in the condition of your hair in as little as 12 weeks!



The HairMax comb is a revolutionary tool for the treatment of hair problems. It uses the energy effect of laser phototherapy for fuller hair, with more body and vitality.

Over 90% of HairMax users notice an improvement in the appearance of their hair in 12 weeks or less. This is one of the highest levels of satisfaction on the market, all hair treatments combined, and it's a good indication that you'll get impressive results.


The Advantages of the HairMax Comb

It is safe and gentle, with no side effects. Plus, it's very easy to use! Simply slide the comb on your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes, three times a week. The HairMax is suitable for men and women of all ages, and incorporates proven technology: laser phototherapy, successfully used worldwide in hair treatment centres. Finally, the HairMax has a lifespan of 10 years and you pay no monthly fees.


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We created product kits tailored to each treatment to ensure success.

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