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Professional Scalp Care in the Laval Region

Centre Capillaire France Godard offers you a selection of scalp care products in the Laval area. These specialized products help keep your hair healthy all year round! Contact us for more information.



Following a preliminary consultation, the micro-camera and scalp cleaning are very often the first steps in our very thorough approach. The micro-camera (used for scalp photography) will tell us the amount of sebum obstructing each hair follicle, causing hair loss. Following this in-depth evaluation, we will advise you about specific care for your hair loss condition and how to stabilize it. Omitting to clean your scalp would negatively affect the results and success of the various regrowth solutions we propose – solutions that most other centers disregard in favour of faster, more lucrative options. However, it’s just common sense: evaluate, clean and act! That forms the basis for getting good results supported by expert advice. Make an appointment!

Purity Treatment

To Purify and Detox the Scalp

This thorough cleansing of the scalp removes residues and impurities left by styling products that could prevent hair follicles from getting the nutrients they need.

Hair shaft care

Glamour Treatment

For Hollywood Hair

Give your hair lustre, shine, volume and beauty with this full hair and scalp treatment. This treatment moisturizes the hair shaft and ends while making your hair optimally soft and flexible. Revive your hair!

Le soin hydratation

Dolce Vita Treatment

For an Irritated or Sensitive Scalp

Hydration of the scalp can relieve sensitive skin and itching. Our moisturizer penetrates deeply and works quickly to give you immediate relief – it's an effective and natural product!

deposits treatment,

Spa Cure

For Beautiful Hair when the Seasons Change

Scalp care promotes the regrowth of new hair after periods of seasonal hair loss. Damaged, old hair is dislodged, creating excellent conditions for vigorous, healthy regrowth.

seasonal hair loss treatment

Many other solutions that can adapt to your condition are also available.

Scalp Problems?

Learn more about scalp conditions and find solutions!

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