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Find Out What’s Causing Your Hair Loss in the Laval Region

A 45-minute consultation with an expert will allow you to identify the various problems that affect you! Available here, an in-depth hair analysis.

Microcamera Hair Analysis

At Centre Capillaire France Godard, we use methods based on trichology, the science that deals with the study of the hair and scalp, to determine the cause of hair loss. In the Laval region, if you suffer from hair loss or thinning, a microcamera hair analysis performed by our team can identify the cause! This technique does a thorough analysis providing evidence-based results.

Get Treatment Adapted to Your Condition

Once the cause of the hair loss is identified, we will target the problem at the source and offer you a personalized, professional program to fight premature hair thinning and loss. We will be able to restore balance and slow down, or even stop, the hair loss process. Find out about preventive treatments available at Centre Capillaire France Godard!

Hair Solution Specialists

Get a free private consultation with our experts!

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