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A Large Selection of Wigs in Laval area

Centre Capillaire France Godard has been a pioneer of hair solutions for over 40 years! We set the standard when it comes to hairpieces, whether human hair or synthetic, in the Montreal region. Our team is here to help you and to answer all your needs: with us, you always benefit from very personalized support. Make an appointment!

More than 3000 Hairpieces

We have a solid reputation for finding the wig or hairpiece that suits each customer in every way. Whether for human hair or synthetic wigs, we have the colours, lengths and thickness that will suit you best.


Hairpieces have changed a lot in recent years. They have become lighter, more comfortable and more undetectable than ever! Our new exclusive range of wigs at Centre Capillaire France Godard includes a variety of models that will match your personality. Check out all our models of wigs in Laval:

In order to devote all the necessary attention to the choice of your hairpiece, plan at least one hour for your visit to our Centre. Make an appointment!

Front lace: invisible hairline

Monofilament: invisible like your scalp

Machine made: mass produced

Endura wigs: heat resistant, up to 300 degrees

Transitive wigs: light, comfortable and undetectable

Indian wigs

Chinese wigs

European wigs (maximum length of 12 inches)

Remy wigs (cuticles remain intact, more resistant)

Handmade wigs

Should I Have My Wig Adjusted?

A good fit is essential! When you buy a wig, make sure it is well adjusted to optimize your comfort. The shape of each person’s head is very different, so you need to carefully adjust the hairpiece so that it fits comfortably. We will be happy to do all adjustments of your wig at our shop in Laval: our expert team has 40 years of experience in the art of wig fitting!

The Life Expectancy of Hairpieces

The life of a synthetic hairpiece is shorter than that of a human hairpiece. On the other hand, synthetic hair is easier to comb, because human hair tends to bunch up when wet. With human hair, you need to have it styled regularly.

Pay It Forward:
Recycle Your Wig

Be part of the "À un cheveu du bonheur" (‘Within a Hair of Happiness’) movement. In order to help people in need, we invite you to recycle your hairpieces by leaving them with our team at the Centre. For your collaboration and support, we will give our prosthesis to the next one: either an organization or the most disadvantaged.

Home Maintenance

Like human hair, synthetic and natural hairpieces (wigs) must be maintained and washed to ensure hygienic quality. Odors tend to remain impregnated in the cap of the hairpiece, hence the importance of regular washing.


We recommend washing your wig after wearing it for about 30 hours. If your hairpiece is made of human hair, you should wash it about once a week.

Combing Out

Always make sure there are no knots before washing your hairpiece. Lay it out flat and comb through it gently. Avoid pulling on the fibres, as they may lose their elasticity and break. For long hair wigs, separate the hair into sections for easier combing.


Use only shampoos, conditioners and sprays specifically designed for hairpieces.

Washing (Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs)

Soak your synthetic wig for 15 minutes in warm water mixed with synthetic hair shampoo. Then, rinse with cold water, gently wipe it in a towel and shake gently to remove excess water. Next, spray a synthetic hair conditioner on the hairpiece and let it dry on a suitable wig stand.

Never put a hairpiece on a styrofoam head, it would stretch the cap. Also, styrofoam heads contain compounds that will make your wig smell bad. Never comb a hairpiece when wet!

For human hair wigs, use a highly-moisturizing shampoo. Never let the hairpiece soak in shampoo. Use a quality hydrating shampoo and let it stand for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


With the proper care, synthetic fibre hairpieces retain their hairstyle, even after washing. When the hairpiece is dry, shake it out and it will resume its natural style. Style it with your fingers or with a comb. Try to give it volume by ruffling it. Never use a curling iron, hair dryer or heated rollers on a synthetic fibre wig.

You can also apply a specially formulated spray to restore shine to your hairpiece. Human hair wigs can be styled with a curling iron or heated rollers, but be careful not to touch the inner cap with the hot iron.

A Look at Some of Our Wigs

More than 3000 Hairpieces

We have a solid reputation for finding the wig or hairpiece that suits each customer in every way. Whether for human hair or synthetic wigs, we have the colours, lengths and thickness that will suit you best.

What great energy, the team welcomes you as if you were known and a customer for years! I found what I wanted on my first appointment. And their coffee... Wow! Thanks to Louis.

Maryse G.

I have breast cancer and it is very difficult. The warm welcome, the professionalism and the gentleness that the technician Nicole had for me were very reassuring. She answered all my questions with ease. She accompanied me with her heart in my choice of prosthesis. Thank you Nicole.

A. Lacombe

I have been a customer at the France Godard Hair Center for over 22 years. Their product ranges are impressive with their large showroom and their new models constantly on the lookout for new trends. Their scalable pattern is amazing like real human hair.

Carole H.

I went to the center for an alopecia problem, because I lost 30% of my hair. I found a volumizer that works perfectly. The lady called Carole took care to explain to me how to make my part undetectable and gave me a cut to match my existing hair brilliantly! The price is very reasonable, I'm really happy with my new look!

Jocelyne B.

I didn't even know... I obtained an annual recurring grant of $500 for the purchase of a wig and Nicole, who takes care of the process, accompanied me throughout the process.

I highly recommend it!

Sonia L.

I didn't have a big budget, their choice of wigs allowed me to regain my self-esteem. This is definitely an address to remember. The owners are really nice, two brothers.

K. Lafrance

Very warm welcome and the fit of my new piece is impeccable! I highly recommend this place and Colette the technician is radiant.

Pierette T.

Their center, real professionals, they saved a prosthesis that I burned. Elsewhere, they told me it was finished. Trust them.

Thank you!

Julie B.,

Colette is a pro at transformation with hair supplements stuck to the scalp. She explained everything to me in detail and I am really satisfied.

Eric L.

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