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Discover Hair Transplants in the Montreal Region

Performed for the first time in 1955, hair transplants have been perfected over the years to the point of providing very natural results today. However, you should make sure to choose the right team, one that will accompany you throughout the hair transplant process in the Montreal region.

Centre Capillaire France Godard has two experienced surgical teams to assist you in this process. We will be there before, during and after the operation, to ensure the success of your treatment and reassure you. Call us for more details.

Counteract baldness and more

Hair loss is a common problem that is rarely linked to illness. On the other hand, hair loss can cause considerable damage, such as loss of self-confidence: thinning or even absent hair is a social handicap that should not be neglected. However, baldness is not an irremediable problem. To return to a normal life, the solution of choice is the hair implant. 

The phenomenon of major hair loss mainly affects men: 50% of men after the age of 50. Baldness progresses from the forehead and temples to gradually spread over the entire skull. The earlier baldness appears, the more severe it will be. Once baldness has set in, the best solution is to resort to hair transplant surgery. In addition to correcting baldness, microfollicular transplantation is used to adjust high forehead lines and fill other hair deficiencies. 

  • Baldness

  • Frontal line

  • Low hair density

What Is the Procedure for Microfollicular Hair Transplant?

This medical procedure consists in extracting healthy existing hair follicles and grafting them in areas that need more hair, to mitigate the hair loss. The surgeon and his team do very exacting work to create a full, natural-looking head of hair.

You Have Every Reason to Choose Centre Capillaire France Godard for Your Hair Transplant


We are members of the Capilia Group, the largest group of hair loss solution centres in Canada. Our highly qualified team of hair experts, doctors and technicians have more than 20 years of experience in hair transplants.


A team of conscientious surgeons

First carried out in 1955, hair transplantation has been perfected over the years to the point where today it gives completely natural results. However, you must make sure you choose the right team, the one who will be able to support you throughout the hair transplantation process in the Montreal region.

The France Godard Hair Center has 2 experienced surgical teams to assist you in this process. Before, during and after the operation, we will be there to ensure the success of your process and reassure you. Each patient is unique and our diagnosis will therefore be made on a case-by-case basis. From drawing the hairline to a precise extraction, including an implantation that follows the natural movement of your hair, our surgeons are exceptionally meticulous artists! Discover hair transplantation in Laval and Greater Montreal and experience the success of a new you. Call us to get your free consultation.

  • Hyperspecialized doctors

  • A rigorous protocol

  • A proven implantation technique

  • Prolonged and attentive follow-up

Hair transplant experts in Laval and Montreal

We are members of the Capilia Group, the largest group of hair loss solution centers in Canada. Choosing the France Godard Hair Center for your hair transplant is to your advantage, thanks to our expertise and experience. Our highly qualified team of hair experts, doctors and technicians have over 20 years of experience in hair transplantation. Would you like an evaluation? It’s simple: just make an appointment.

before and after hair transplantation

The advantages of follicular micrografting

  • It is a delicate technique, not traumatic or invasive, and does not cause pain.

  • The session lasts 3 or 4 hours, under local anesthesia.

  • Your healthiest hair is selected and transplanted to the bald area.

  • Hair transplants are also used to hide head scars.

  • They allow you to draw a natural hairline on the forehead.

  • A very high number of hairs are accepted without refusal in the new place.

  • The grafts can be inserted between other hairs already grafted in a previous session.

  • The results are excellent and highly satisfactory.


The surgeon and his assistants have all the qualifications, skills and experience to provide you optimal results, which are crucial to the success of the transplant. They will add hair to bare spots taking care to strategically position the grafted follicles, taking into account size, angle and density.

Unique Approach

Our approach is unique in the market since we will show you, at your first meeting, simulated photographs so you can see the final result of the procedure.

Pleasant Atmosphere

Our team cares about your physical and psychological well-being. With us, you will always be welcomed in a friendly, calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you are seriously considering a hair transplant, you should know that it will be performed in one of our Capilia clinics.

Optimization of the Transplant Sessions

Benefit from optimized microfollicular transplant sessions – unique in the transplant market – in which a maximum number of grafts are taken and redistributed, bringing you closer to the final result.

Total Care

At the Centre, you benefit from total care, from the initial assessment to the first haircut, through the appropriate care of the scalp to promote regrowth.

 photos before and after hair treatment

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