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How can a hair supplement meet your needs?

Consultation for hair supplement

Is your baldness (alopecia) bothering you and would you like to have fuller hair? Are you uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a hair prosthesis (wig) or undergoing a micrograft? At Center Capillaire France Godard, we have a host of solutions against hair loss to meet your needs. One of them is hair supplement, an instant non-surgical replacement process! Read on to find out more.


What is a hair supplement?

The hair supplement is a method of securely attaching a piece of substitute hair (identical to your natural hair) to your scalp by fusing it to your existing natural hair, if applicable. To do this, we use a high-performance hypoallergenic resin: the goal is obviously that nothing moves!

Once the complement is installed, we style your hair so that the procedure is undetectable to the naked eye. Several types of pieces are available at the France Godard Hair Center: make an appointment for a consultation to discover your different options!


What are the benefits of a hair supplement?

The advantages of choosing this revolutionary technique which is suitable for both men and women are numerous. Here are some of them:

  • Look very aesthetic;

  • Affordable cost (varies depending on various factors including size of part and length of replacement hair);

  • Quick installation (around 1 hour);

  • Lets the scalp breathe;

  • Cannot be removed with bare hands or blown away in the wind;

  • Can be worn when practicing different sports, including swimming;

  • Easy maintenance (monthly touch-ups).

Would you like to put an end to your worries related to your alopecia? The hair supplement will give you confidence while making you feel younger and healthier. Our customers who have opted for this hair solution say they are very satisfied with it—look at our before and after photo gallery to get a glimpse of the spectacular results you could achieve!


Get ready for your hair transformation today!

Find abundant, natural-looking hair thanks to the instant hair supplement offered at the Center Capillaire France Godard in Saint-Eustache, in the Laval region. Is your hair loss caused by an illness? You may be eligible for a subsidy up to $1000. Contact us to learn more!


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