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How does a hair consultation take place?

hair consultation

Hair loss (alopecia, alopecia areata, etc.) can have different causes. At the France Godard Hair Center in Saint-Eustache, we offer various solutions (hair prostheses, wigs, volumizers, treatments, etc.) to our clients, after having carried out an in-depth hair analysis. Here's what you should expect during a consultation.


Private cabin

Many people may feel intimidated to talk about their hair loss problem. At the France Godard Hair Center, our trained and attentive staff ensures that your privacy is respected. Therefore, appointments for a hair consultation take place in a private cabin.

To facilitate this free meeting, we will invite you to provide us with a photo of yourself at the time before your hair loss began. You can also bring a photo of a person whose hair type and hairstyle you like and fits with your style.


Detailed questionnaire

Upon arrival, a member of our team will give you a detailed questionnaire for you to complete so that we can learn more about the cause of your hair loss and for us help determine the ideal replacement solution for your needs.


Hair analysis

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, our clinic offers microcamera hair analysis services. Making it possible to detect problems of all kinds, this process is based on trichology methods; in other words, “hair science”.

This in-depth examination will allow us to accurately determine the problem causing your hair loss. Thus, the solutions presented by our specialists will be based on facts. If necessary, this diagnosis will guide us in the choice of prevention measures which will slow down or even slow down your hair loss.

After this analysis, our specialist will offer you a range of hair solutions and will advise you to make an informed decision in line with your lifestyle, your look, your budget and your body shape, in particular.


Your destination in Laval and surrounding areas for quality hair solutions

Are you looking for a place in the Laval region to treat your alopecia? At the Center Capillaire France Godard in Saint-Eustache, we offer hair prostheses (wigs) as well as various treatments (laser, PRP, etc.). You would like to know the cause of your hair loss and find solutions to fix it? Schedule a hair analysis consultation today: contact us!


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