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How to choose a hair prosthesis?

Examples of hair prostheses

Are you looking for a hair prosthesis that represents you, but you don't know where and how to go to make the right choice? At the France Godard Hair Center in Saint-Eustache, you will benefit like nowhere else from a team with more than 40 years of experience. Their skills and empathy will be able to support you in your approach by offering you a variety of more than 3000 wigs and volumizers in inventory. Continue reading to discover some of the elements you will need to take into account in your decision-making and future meeting with us!

The type of prosthesis

Hair prostheses are divided into 2 types, i.e. wigs made from synthetic fibers and those made from natural fibers (human hair). Each type of prosthesis has its advantages and disadvantages – particularly in terms of design, durability, hairstyle and maintenance – and these will be decisive in making your choice. In both cases, however, the front edge and the monofilament of the wig will be invisible to the naked eye, because the France Godard Hair Center only offers this type of superior quality product.

Needs to be filled

You must choose a hair prosthesis whose type of design meets your needs. For example, if you particularly like to style your hair and use curling irons, flat irons or heated rollers to vary the curves of your hair, you should choose a natural type prosthesis. In order to maximize the comfort of your prosthesis, its adjustment is essential and our team has skills like no other in this area.

As for synthetic hair, it is easier to style and maintains its original style well. On the other hand, the latter do not resist sources of intense heat. If you are looking for a lighter weight wig, our proprietary Scalable Type range, made from synthetic fibers, may be a wise choice as they closely resemble human hair at half the length. price of a natural hair prosthesis.


Generally speaking, in terms of durability, prostheses made from synthetic and natural fibers are very similar. On the other hand, Remy type natural hair wigs are the most resistant on the market, because during their design the manufacturers retain their cuticles.

The cost

It should be taken into consideration that the price of a hair prosthesis varies depending on several factors, including length, density and type of design. It can also be influenced by transformations made such as dyes, highlights and non-standard cuts. This allows you to choose a model that suits your tastes and budget.In addition, our center offers you support in obtaining grants of $500 recurring annually by providing you with all the necessary information to verify your eligibility if you suffer from an illness or problem such as (e.g. alopecia areata, alopecia). , cancer),

At the France Godard Hair Center, we support you throughout your custom prosthesis selection process and make the necessary adjustments for superior comfort while offering personalized follow-up and revitalization. To choose a quality hair prosthesis in Laval or the surrounding area, make an appointment right now!


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