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When will my hair fall out after chemotherapy?

Hair loss

Your oncologist has prescribed chemotherapy treatments and you fear their side effects, including hair loss (alopecia)? At Center Capillaire France Godard, we offer tailor-made solutions to our customers in Laval, Saint-Eustache and surrounding areas. If you are considering using a hair prosthesis (wig) during your treatments, but are concerned that it will prevent regrowth, read this blog article.


Why does hair fall out during chemo treatments?

Chemotherapy treatments use chemotherapeutic agents, that is, drugs that kill cancer cells or slow their proliferation. However, these affect other rapidly dividing cells, including those linked to hair growth. Please note that not all chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss and the effects vary from one person to another.


When does hair loss start?

As a general rule, hair begins to fall out 2 to 3 weeks after the first chemotherapy session. As this period proves to be trying, especially for women with long hair, it is recommended to cut it very short or shave it before starting the treatments. The purchase of bonnets, caps and hats comfortable and elegant is also highly recommended, as is the search for a quality wig.


When can you shop for a hair prosthesis?

At Center Capillaire France Godard, we welcome clients at all stages of their treatments. Some people choose a prosthesis while they still have all their hair, which allows them to find a model almost identical to their look usual; others come to us when they have lost part or all of their hair. By discussing their preferences and budget, we find hair solutions personalized.


When will hair grow back after treatments?

With some exceptions, hair begins to grow again 1 to 2 months after the end of the treatments. At this stage, it is important to pamper your scalp and your “new hair”, the appearance of which will probably have changed (texture, thickness, color, etc.). That said, they will return to their original appearance after a few months.


Does wearing a hair prosthesis prevent hair regrowth?

Rest assured: wearing a wig does not prevent hair from growing back! You can wear yours without fear until your hair reaches the desired length.

For quality hair solutions (wigs, prostheses) in Laval, Saint-Eustache and the surrounding area, trust the Center Capillaire France Godard. Make an appointment for a free consultation!


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